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Besides the major appliances, (we splurged), The French Connection kitchen is equipped with no more than basic utensils and good, fresh, basic ingredients. Everything is in the quality. We donít believe in processed foods. Our kitchen can produce most classic dishes with basic equipment. After all, French cooking evolved long before electric widgetry! Here are the items we feel a kitchen really needs:


A few pot & pans including a steamer, not aluminum.

2 or 3 good knives including most importantly, a chopping knife

A large wooden chopping surface

A wisk & 2 or 3 bowls of different sizes, preferably glass or stainless steel

A stainer

A measuring cup

A rolling pin

A grater

An assortment of spoons, ladles, spatulas and a melon ball scoop!


Watch for recipes soon!Helpful but optional:

Electric mixer

Electric blender

Electric chopper


People today are BUSY! We are too. However it is very possible to eat deliciously without spending hours in the kitchen. Over the years, we have found that some of the best dishes require very little time but they do need all your attention, however briefly. Such dishes are not prepared in advance and are served immediately. For example, pastas, fish fillets (amandine perhaps?) chicken breast (Tarragon?) All these can be prepared using basic ingredients kept readily available in your kitchen. Ingredients such as milk, butter, cheese and cream, dry herbs and pasta. The addition of fresh bread, fresh herbs in season, vegetables, fish or chicken breast etc. represent the last minute purchases and pretty well all you will need to get from dayto day as you finalize the menu. If youíre lucky you can get your partner to set the table, get the bread and the wine ready while you focus on the main course. This way your cooking experience will be a cooperative one that we guarantee will be pleasant. Everything shared is better!