Address, Map & Directions.


The map below represents a section of the North-West quadrant of the downtown area, based on the Yonge & Bloor intersection.

 Please clic on this map to see the whole quadrant or consult a complete map of the City to put it in context.



From the airport:

By Taxi: About $35. CND / 25 minutes.

By public transport: (Bus + Subway + bus) $2.25. / 1 hour.

Take Bus to Islington Subway Station then go East by subway to the Bathurst Station then bus #7 North to the “Nina” stop. Get off here, cross Bathurst. Burnside Drive is just a few meters South.

By car: take Hwy 401 and follow « By car » instructions below.


By car from Highway 401:

Take Alen Road exit South.

Drive South to Eglinton Avenue & turn left onto Eglinton.

Drive a few blocks to Bathurst Street. Turn right onto Bathurst.

Drive South on Bathurst through St. Clair Avenue West then follow

the map provided left. You are approaching from the top (North).


By subway from the bus or train station:

(Get a free subway system map from the subway attendant.)

Go to St. Clair Avenue West subway station.

(Please note the « West ». We have two St. Clair Stations.)

Exit onto St. Clair Avenue.

Walk West to Bathurst Street. Turn left onto Bathurst.

Walk South on Bathurst to Burnside Drive. (Refer to map left.)


The French Connection

102 Burnside Drive Toronto, ON Canada M6G 2M8

Telephone (416) 537 7741 Facsimile  (416) 537 0747


By car from downtown:

Drive North on Bathurst St. to one street North of Davenport Road. Burnside Drive is the next street, on the left.


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