30 Bridgman Ave.
at: Howland Ave.
Toronto M5R 1X3
phn: (416) 531-1827
E. of Bathurst St., N. of Dupont Ave.


Mon -Fri 9:00am- 5:00pm



The Tarragon Theatre is located 10 minutes' walk south of The French Connection.

Founded in 1970, the Tarragon is one of the city's most established dramatic centres. It's as likely to produce Tennessee Williams or David Mamet as it is the work of significant Canadian writers like Timothy Findley, Judith Thompson, or John Murrell. The Tarragon mainspace is an intimate venue with seating in-the-round, which often makes for interesting set designs. The studio space is a small black box with flexible seating, and is most often rented to other small theatre companies. The Tarragon continues to be known for award-winning productions, including the recent touring hit 2 Pianos, 4 Hands. It also has a strong tradition of commissioning and producing English translations of contemporary Quebecois dramas.--Christopher Winsor
For more information about the Tarragon Theatre, check     http://www.tarragontheatre.com/
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