Some Fine Restaurants 

in the neighbourhood of 

The French Connection.

There are 10,000 restaurants in Toronto!

We hope you can enjoy the flavour of Toronto through its wonderful and varied food. However, don't plan to have lunch after The French Connection breakfast.

You'll only be hungry at dinertime!


30 minutes' walk or 2 subway stops south of us.

372 Bloor Street West
(416) 513-0077



“Serves cuisine for the      terminally cool.”

Reservations recommended.


There are several excellent restaurants near The French Connection. We cannot feature all of them here.

Goldfish and Scaramouche are a little too far to walk but they are well worth it.

The Corner House and The Indian Rice Factory as well as The Two Tournesols, on Dupont near Bathurst (South of us) are neighbours of each other. All three are small, intimate and highly recommended. All three usually require advance reservations.

Ferro's and Philipo's in Corso Italia to the North- West of us,  are within 15 minutes' walk. They are typical Italian neighbourhood hangouts where the food is good, the atmosphere casual and warm and no reservations are required, though you may have to wait a little to get a table. Here waiting is part of the experience.

There are several ethnic restaurants... well, actually all our restaurants are "ethnic" and it is increasingly hard to find  "family restaurants" as we used to know them. Food fare in Toronto has become sooo colourful that it has become hard for us to imagine eating less than exotic food anymore. Within walking distance of The French Connection, you will find:

Dos Amigos, Mexican.

Mezzetta's, Mediterranean

The Indian Rice Factory,  Indian

Ferro's, Italian, bistro style

Pizza Tournesol,  Fine Italian despite name

Bistro Tournesol, French

The Corner House, Continental

Goldfish, Fusion? hard to describe!

Albert's Real Jamaican Food


And many others.






“After two decades, still caters to Toronto's elite.”

Four blocks S.of St. Clair on the W. side of Avenue Rd. (About 5 minutes by cab.)

1 Benvenuto Place
 (416) 961-8011

About 15 minutes’ walk from The French Connection.

414 Dupont
1 block
East of Bathurst St.
  (416) 961-3472


The Indian Rice Factory

Given 3-stars (Excellent) by Toronto Life in 1999 and 2000 Guides.



The Corner House

“Owner has impressive 

culinary track record 

-- and it shows.”


About 15 minutes’ walk from us.

501 Davenport Rd.
(416) 923-2604